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Although for this type of operation, the movements in authorised area are not required, the Extermination is performed taxed by the insertion of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2)

Reaction time: from 96 hours to a week, depending on the degree of infestation.



By observing and respecting all the regulations in respect of this type of operations, a first analysis of the conservation status within the containers of the incoming goods, subject to this type of problem, we address partial attentions by making sure that there may be insects and/or larvae.

Where the need arises, in concert with the owner of the goods, the extermination shall be carried out with all required requirements staff and in the regularly authorised arches of local ASL.

The product generally used, as harmless to the security of the warehouse staff, both for the use of the treated subject matter, has always been the HYDROGEN PHOSPHIDE, and has been reversed, to the operations that are taking place, regular official certificates.

Reaction Time: from 72 to 96 hours, depending on the degree of infestation.